MITSS has formed many strong partnerships and collaborations within the healthcare community and actively seeks to cultivate new ones.  We believe that our vitality and effectiveness in achieving our mission are directly related to the depth and strength of these partnerships.  We are committed to advancing bold patient safety initiatives, and MITSS have been nationally recognized for our ability to partner with the healthcare community in this pursuit.

MITSS recognizes that each healthcare organization has its own unique culture, systems, and barriers to change.   Therefore, our current service offerings are tailored to each organization’s specific needs.  We are available to consult with your organization and make an assessment of your particular challenges and strengths.  MITSS can then assist in putting together a plan to maximize your organization’s patient safety initiatives to include support for patients, families, and clinicians involved in adverse events.

We can change the current landscape by integrating support for patients, families, and clinicians into the way healthcare delivers care.  Give us a call today – together, we can break down the barriers that have prevented supporting our patients, families, and caregivers following unexpected outcomes.


  • Click here to access the Toolkit for Building A Clinician and Staff Support Program.
  • Click here to access our one page Organizational Assessment Tool for Clinician Support. This document is designed to give your organization a snapshot of where you are currently in the process.
  • Click here to download the MITSS Staff Support Assessment tool. This survey is designed to measure staff perceptions about supports in place at your institution.
  • Click here to download the MITSS LEND Document. This tool provides valuable information for staff when adressing the emotional impact to patients and family members in the aftermath of an adverse event.
  • Click here to download the MITSS Report “Disclosure and Apology: What’s Missing? Advancing Programs that Support Clinicians,” a report based on an invitational Forum held on March 13, 2009, and sponsored by MITSS, the Massachusetts Medical Society, CRICO/RMF, and ProMutual Group.