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Since she founded MITSS in 2002, Linda Kenney, Executive Director and President of MITSS, has been a tireless activist for patient, family, and clinician support. She is a nationally and internationally recognized leader in the patient safety movement.

linda speaking Linda has spoken at more than 100 healthcare forums, conferences, panels, and workshops. She is a much sought after presenter, well known for her energetic and interactive style.

"Linda Kenney is eloquent, generous, and passionately devoted to the cause of improving health care safety and quality. She has effectively converted her own personal experience from near-tragedy to a resounding and affirming call for change, an act of leadership that motivates and inspires everyone fortunate enough to hear her."

Donald M. Berwick, MD, MPP, FRCP
Administrator, Centers for Medicare & Medicaid Svcs.
Former President & Chief Executive Officer
IHI (Institute for Healthcare Improvement)

Linda is available to speak on a wide range of topics including Patient Safety, Patient Safety from a Patient Perspective, Clinician Support, Patient/Family Support, and Disclosure and Apology.

click the picture to view Linda speaking as a panelist at Mt. Auburn Hospital in 2009.

linda as panelist

If you would like to request or schedule a presentation, or, if you would like to get more information, contact Winnie Tobin at (617) 232-0090, toll free at 1-888- 366-4877, or e-mail to

Click here to download a list of Linda's speaking engagements.