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Since the MITSS mission is so closely tied to creating a greater awareness and educating about medically induced trauma, we continually explore new and innovative ways of reaching out to our community.  We have set up a number of social networking sites which will help us broaden our reach and strengthen our commitment to supporting anyone affected by an adverse medical event.  We would also like to encourage lively and respectful discussion about MITSS and our services as well as relevant and topical patient safety issues. 

MITSS has set up a Group on Facebook (, probably the most popular social networking website currently used.  Joining the MITSS Group allows our Facebook “Friends” to join in a common effort, discuss issues relevant to the MITSS mission, and participate in MITSS online Events.  Click here to access the MITSS Group Page. 

We also invite you to "Like" our MITSS Page. The MITSS Page is more organizational in nature than the Group and keeps visitors up to date on MITSS happenings, important dates and events, and features photos and videos from various events. Click here and "Like" our Page.

The MITSS HOPE Award has its own Facebook page which can be accessed by clicking here. The HOPE Award page features award guidelines, photos from past winners, video presentations, and more.


Follow MITSS on Twitter!!!

Just go toTwitter and follow us at MITSS_Support.



MITSS has a YouTube Channel, and we’ve begun to post many of our video spots on YouTube. Click here to access MITSSUTube, and let us know what you think.  We will be updating video posts as new and interesting pieces become available.


MITSS has teamed up with CarePages to offer patients, families, and clinicians a free, private web page to communicate with their loved ones during a time when support is really needed. At MITSS, we have come to appreciate the amazing healing power that comes with chronicling one’s story. Setting up a CarePage is also a great way to share photos, news, and updates. A CarePage can be created and used at any stage of care, and it doesn’t have an end date.

So, visit: today and click on “Create” to start your own journal. We are proud to partner with CarePages and are committed to providing patients, families and clinicians with important tools and resources along their journey toward healing.