Bringing People Together for Healing and Hope ​for 16 years

Medically induced trauma is always unexpected — but the response should never be. And we’re working hard to change that. MITSS is a non-profit organization that Supports Healing and Restores Hope to patients, families and clinicians whose lives have been impacted by medical errors and adverse medical events.

In fact, MITSS is leading the way!

We achieve our important mission through innovative programs and services delivered on the global, organizational and individual levels by:

  • Educating and Raising Awareness through forums, workshops and advocacy.
  • Creating innovative tools and resources for patients, families, clinicians and administrators.
  • Providing the “Voice of the Patient” through partnerships, education and support.

Now here’s where YOU come in.

MITSS relies heavily on philanthropic support — and we need your support. Please help by sponsoring and attending our annual dinner. Join the more than 400 healthcare executives, insurance industry leaders, professional organizations, major law firms, frontline clinical staff, patient advocacy groups and, most importantly, patients and families, in supporting this essential cause.

And we have quite an evening in store for you!