A Message From Our Founder, Linda K. Kenney

In November of 1999, I found myself at the sharp end of an adverse medical event that nearly took my life. There was no acknowledgement of the emotional impact that might follow, and I certainly was not prepared. This experience opened my eyes to the lack of overall support in place for patients, families, and care providers following these unfortunate incidences. Having survived this trauma left me humbled, confused yet grateful. I felt a personal sense of responsibility to address this significant hole in the healthcare system. From that point on, my mission was clear. I began my efforts to see that the healthcare community and public were made aware of the emotional impact that exists following adverse medical events regardless of the cause. Furthermore, to bridge the emotional gap between care teams and their patients, by promoting transparency and personally representing why that honest communication is vital to a successful healing process.

The MITSS mission is to “Support Healing and Restore Hope” to patients, families, and clinicians following adverse medical events. In order to achieve our mission, we create awareness and provide education about the devastating emotional impact of adverse medical events; provide direct support services to patients, families, and clinicians; and, advocate for action. We promote disclosure, apology, and support following unexpected medical outcomes, and we encourage healthcare institutions to develop infrastructures to provide peer support systems.

If you are a patient, family member, or clinician who is struggling with the emotional toll following an adverse event, we urge you to contact us. Call today and begin your journey of healing.