Building awareness of medically induced trauma throughout our medical systems is essential to reducing harm and managing the aftermath.  We can help your organization build the necessary infrastructure to support your staff and clinicians and respond effectively to incidents of harm.


Managing the outcome of an adverse event can be daunting for healthcare organizations. MITSS training programs can prepare nurses, physicians and staff with tools and skills that will enable them to better support one another following these events.


You are not alone.
Individuals affected by the trauma of medical error or bad outcome include patients, their family members, staff and clinicians. MITSS provides group and individual support services.

Linda’s Story

“In November of 1999, I found myself at the sharp end of an adverse medical event that nearly took my life. There was no acknowledgement of the emotional impact that might follow, and I certainly wasn’t prepared. 

The MITSS mission is to “Support Healing and Restore Hope” to patients, families, and clinicians following adverse medical events.”


Patient Story

Clinician Stories